Neha Bansal Will Be Honored With The World Meet International Award 2023

By on 7-22-2023 in Actress

Bollywood actress Neha Bansal will be honored at the World Meet International Award 2023 to be held in Thailand in the month of September. Neha Bansal is a well-known Bollywood actress, producer, director and writer. Neha Bansal has produced and directed several films and short films

Actress Neha Bansal’s short film ‘Respect Her’ has received several international awards including the Taj International Award. In this short film actress Neha Bansal has worked with Hollywood actor Tony Taylor. A very beautiful message has been given in this short film that how important it is to respect women and this beautiful attempt was loved and respected by everyone in different countries hence people of Thailand whole heartedly wants to show respect to Neha Bansal through this exclusive award.Neha Bansal is continuously grabbing everyone’s attention with her good work and now she is taking this on international level making India proud

Actress Neha Bansal has produced another film on women’s problems called ‘Fart Fata Fat – Evolution of Think’. This film will be released soon. Apart from this film, Neha Bansal is also going to produce a film on Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of Indian cinema. This is the first time in our industry someone is taking this daring step to portray this beautiful story of legendary Phalke Ji on silver screens and everyone is eagerly waiting for this biggie as he deserves this little tribute from our industry.The film was announced by Neha Bansal on the occasion of her birthday last month.

Neha Bansal Will Be Honored With The World Meet International Award 2023

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