Adorable Bears On A Joyful Adventurous Ride – Boonie Bears : Guardian Code

By on 5-14-2024 in Reviews

Rating : ***

The first ever Boonie Bears film released in India clearly shows why the global animation franchisee is universally loved and adored by children. It has entertainment & endearing characters coupled with effective animation effects.

Boonie Bears : Guardian Code is about two bear cubs, Briar (Patrick Freeman) and his brother Bramble (Joseph S Lambert) cannot understand why their mother abandoned them during a fire in the Pine Tree forest (Crystal Peaks). As they grow up without their mother, Briar becomes a cynic and suspects everything while Bramble is optimistic with hope and faith. They keep searching for answers till they get some information about her when their friend Vick (Paul ‘Maxx’ Rinehart) takes them to a robot research institute. They meet a young scientist, Charlotte (Olivia Seaton-Hill), who has a necklace that belonged to their mother. And then starts their entertaining adventure.

The first half of the film is full of fun and frolic. Briar and Bramble pretend to be robots and this leads to several laugh out loud moments. Their encounter with a scary Scrap Rebel ‘gang’, with a mad leader Leonard (Chris Boike) is one of the best parts of the film. They have a face-off with villains consisting of bad scientists and robot-monsters. The battle between the bears and the bots is hilarious. The bears even discover an Android version of a mom and a fighter bear, Urusa (Kally Khourshid) on an island, who reminds them of their mother.

The animation and visual effects are good &  colourful. The voice over of the artistes syncs with the characters. The central theme song adds a nice dimension to the plot. The kids-friendly comedy and the action scenes featuring the bears will really make the viewers enjoy the film. The suspense right up to the climax will keep the audience glued.

The film is directed by Yongchang Lin &  Heqi Shao. The Voice for the main characters are provided by Patrick Freeman,Joseph Lambert, Kally Khourshid, Maxx Rinehart & others.

Adorable Bears On A Joyful Adventurous Ride – Boonie Bears : Guardian Code