The Film BOLO HAR HAR SHAMBHU Is Commencing With The Recording Of Seven Songs

By on 7-12-2023 in Breaking News

Writer-director Ravi Bhatia is embarking on the grand production of the film ‘Bolo Har Har Shambhu,’ highlighting the essence and beauty of Sanatan Dharma. Recently, in Mumbai, the muhurat was held alongside the recording of the film’s seven songs. The film features seven songs, out of which Arun Bakshi, Vinit Singh, Aboli Girhe, and Manoj Mishra have sung the songs and which are penned by the film’s writer-director, Ravi Bhatia, along with Ajay Shankar, Ravi Jain, and Yogesh Tripathi.

Yogesh Tripathi, the film’s producer, likewise took the challenge of making a film about Sanatan Dharma, and as a consequence, he has received both praise and criticism. However, the Director and Producer duos are steadfast in their stance because they sincerely feel that following Sanatan Dharma will benefit all lives in today’s modern society. They are attempting to dispel myths and bring awareness to the audience through the film.

The film ‘Bolo Har Har Shambhu’ is being produced by YATR Productions, which is situated in the city of royals, Lucknow. Anjali Singh is the Co-Producer of the film. After being cast as one of the important characters, Arun Bakshi expressed himself, “There has not been a single film in the history of Indian cinema that has conveyed the beauty and uniqueness of Sanatan Dharma in this way.” Another actor of the film, Vishnu Sharma stated that, “The film ‘Bolo Har Har Shambhu’ will illustrate the beauty and originality of Sanatan Dharma in a logical way, offering viewers with both enjoyment and insights.” The other casting for this film, which will depict the beauty and originality of Sanatan Dharma on a huge scale, is presently underway.

The film will begin production in August 2023 at different pilgrimage sites and other locations in Uttar Pradesh, which includes Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Lucknow, and others.


The Film BOLO HAR HAR SHAMBHU Is Commencing With The Recording Of Seven Songs

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