Apart From Acting Ruchika Maheshwari Is Interested In Painting, Dancing, Travelling, Home Decoration, Poetry And Story Writing

By on 1-23-2024 in Actress

Actress Ruchika Maheshwari has won at the national level in Classical Contemporary Dance. Ruchika, a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, received her education in her hometown itself. From here she started modeling, dancing and acting. Ruchika has received many honors from the Madhya Pradesh government. To give a new flight to her dreams, Ruchika came to Mayanagari Mumbai and gave many auditions here.

She was selected for many serials and webseries. Her TV shows were Crime Alert, Nadaniyaan, Adalat, Dil Dosti Dance, Tashan e Ishq and Veera etc. She was also a part of Bombay Time Fashion Week and appeared in the music album ‘I’m Here’. As a model, Ruchika has been honored with many awards. Ruchika is also continuously working in print, magazine and advertising films. A short movie and web series of her is going to be released in the upcoming project.

Ruchika started participating in dance and acting since her school and college days. She also worked in many regional music albums. Ruchika completed her studies, then worked at many places and took air hostess training. Then she came to Mumbai and gave audition and worked in TV shows and web series.

Ruchika’s favorite dancers and actresses are Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. Apart from acting, Ruchika is interested in painting, dancing, travelling, home decoration, poetry and story writing.

Ruchika considers her mother as her role model. Whenever she was frustrated, her mother strongly supported her and encouraged her. It was her mother’s dream for Ruchika to become an actress and she is realizing it.

Ruchika says that if you work in the acting world, initially you feel nervous while working in front of the camera. At such times, when your colleagues or co-actors encourage you, your work increases with more enthusiasm and skill. If your director gives you the correct outline of acting and cooperates with you, then your work becomes easier. But the main responsibility is yours on how you hone your skills, because it is your work that is able to grab people’s attention. She says that she was lucky that she always had the support of a good team.

Ruchika Maheshwari tells that no matter what field a girl works in, she has to face good and bad people, in such a situation only your faith, courage and wisdom helps you. It is better to stay away from the street where you are not respected. Man’s aspirations never end, she always hopes for heights in his life. She keeps searching for the best but in this search one should not forget his roots.


Apart From Acting Ruchika Maheshwari Is Interested In Painting, Dancing, Travelling, Home Decoration, Poetry And Story Writing