Dr Piyali Roy – A Remarkable Journey From Dentistry To The Spotlight

By on 12-02-2023 in Breaking News

Dr. Piyali is a remarkable lady of substance who has broken through traditional boundaries to carve out a space for herself in the fashion industry. Her story is an encouraging one of unwavering resolve, dispelling myths, and valuing variety. By walking for Manhattan Fashion Model and New York Fashion Week, this Indian fashion sensation left an enduring impression on the global scene—an accomplishment that is widely recognized.

What sets Dr. Piyali apart is her ability to juggle multiple roles, she is a mother and is practicing dental surgeon in USA ,she is also pursuing her dreams and passion as a fashion model and international pageant winner, and yet rising to prominence as a Curvy model. Her journey showcases the strength of a married woman who boldly dismantled the barriers of the fashion world.

Her open-minded and diverse approach was demonstrated when she graced the runway for French designer Michael Saller, donning walk-on leather jackets in a stunning array of hues. This bold step marked her presence on the international fashion ramp, highlighting her as an iconic Indian model. She has been invited to join Milan and Paris Fashion week in 2024.

Further, she effortlessly transitioned from the French to Indian fashion scene, showcasing the ethereal beauty of Swarovski-embedded gowns in Vaishali Kumar’s collection. Her success story continues as she takes the coveted position of a showstopper for upcoming shows.

Dr. Piyali’s portfolio is as diverse as her own spirit, with a pink chiffon attire adding to her list of accomplishments. She is poised to grace the European fashion scene, promising an exciting new chapter in her already illustrious career.

Her boundless energy was further on display as she mesmerized the audience while walking for Randhawa Brands, personifying the essence of a Maharani in ethnic and traditional attire, all the way from Washington DC.

One of her most celebrated moments was being the exclusive Indian model to walk and talk the show at New York Fashion Week. The renowned Rohit Verma recognized her unique qualities and invited her to take center stage in his exquisite Banjara collection Prime show in NYFW . And the most Exotic ‘save the leopard ‘ fashion show in NYFW . Her contribution to the cause of saving leopards in a nomadic life-themed show is a source of immense pride, and her image gracing the Time Square billboard is a testament to her astounding success.

None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of the media, Dr. Piyali’s event management team, “My Dream  TV USA ‘and their tireless efforts to elevate her presence on a global scale.

She is representing Indian South Asian fashion on New York fashion week stage.

Dr. Piyali’s story is a symphony of determination, diversity, and success that will resonate for years to come, proving that one can achieve greatness when passion meets purpose. Her journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities when one dares to dream beyond boundaries.

Byline: Sapna Shah

Mumbai based Educator and a content writer.


Dr Piyali Roy – A Remarkable Journey From Dentistry To The Spotlight