Interview of Mahesh Sharma, Vishnu Sharma and writer-director Raama Mehra of Keep safe Distance.

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Interview of Mahesh Sharma, Vishnu Sharma and writer-director Raama Mehra of Keep safe Distance.

I Am Treating Film Business As Pure Business – Mahesh Sharma.

Mahesh Sharma and Vishnu Sharma, the two brothers from Kota have produced their maiden venture KEEP SAFE DISTANCE, written-directed by Raama Mehra. All the three main pillars of the film are hugely excited as their film is on the verge of completion and being readied for an early release. Ayyer Mohan of COMPLETE CINEMA spoke to all the three . Excerpts

How did you enter the film industry ?

MAHESH SHARMA::” I am in the film industry due to the inspiratiopn given to me from my younger brother Vishnu Sharma who has already seen the ins and outs of the film undustry since five years. He was shooting for a serial and on the set was Raama Mehra who was also acting in the serial. Their meeting clicked and Raama Mehra had one interesting story which Vishnu told me and we both decided to make the film KEEP SAFE DISTANCE. Actually, I am in construction business and the flow of money as easy for me to invest in a film. I am happy that the efforts of all the three of us has borne fruits and I will continue to make more films in the future too. Also, Sagar Joshi and Laxman Singh Rajput who are in my production team are working very hard and helping the film’s progress with great cooperation with all the actors, technicians,unit hands etc. who are going out of their way to make KEEP SAFE DISTANCE a very entertaining film for all ages.”

VISHNU SHARMA” Film Industry Is a Very Good Industry For Creative People”

What attracted you to the film industry ?
Vishnu Sharma:” I was inclined to the film industry from childhood. I used to watch films in cinema halls. I used to act in the school plays, then college plays and also theatre. I also acted in the RAM LEELA plays in my hometyown in Kota for several years.One day,  popular actors Mukesh Khanna and Ramesh Goel had come to Kota for judging the audition test of several new actors from Kopta and I was selected. I came to Mumbai and got roles in mega serials like  MAHARANA PRATAP,ASHOK SAMRAT. During one of the shooting stints, I met Raama Mehra and the rest is history.”

RAAMA MEHRA : “Film Industry Also Belongs To Single Producers like Mahesh Sharma and Vishnu Sharma”

Having served the film industry in several capacities as actor, writer,director since 28 years, it was the lucky phase of Raama Mehra which made him get the film KEEP SAFE DISTANCE which he has says is a daringly different story of a call girl, played by Sagarika  who is respected as a Devi by the people. How an ACP( played by Jai Yadav) comes to her life and changes her entire life forms the crux of the story. Raama says:” I had gone to meet the heroine Sagarika and luckily I saw hero Jai Yadav sitting in the same production office where Sagarika had gone to give a look test. Even producer Mahesh Sharma was happy talking to him. I loved his nature and the way he carried himself and we signed both Sagarika and Jai Yadav on the same day. Then signing actors like Kiran Kumar,Mushtaq Khan, Adi Irani was very easy as I have worked with them as an actor in several films earlier . I  also worked as assistant writer to Meeraq Mirza in 40 of his films which he had written. I made KEEP SAFE DISTANCE in just 35 shooting days in actual locales of Kota,Future Studios, Silvassa, Essel Outdoor,Khanvel Resort, Madh Island and I just have to shoot one romantic song on the lead pair Sagarika and Jai Yadav.I am also starting four more films shortly and two of them will have a bigger cast with renowned names of the film industry. Bollywood has always favoured the brave and the most creative people who are the writer and directors as they know the exact shape of the film they are making and my uncle the Late P.D. Mehra who had written several films had told me to remain active in whatever I feel good and hence I chose the acting as well as direction field which has paid me rich dividends. The corporates are definitely ruling but there are single producers like Mahesh Sharma and Vishnu Sharma who are most daring and ready to take risks and I am very much happy to make a film for these two brothers who will be making several more films in the future too.

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