Iqbal Suleman AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN Is An Unforgettable ,Hilarious Film On Struggling Actors”

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Iqbal Suleman AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN Is An Unforgettable ,Hilarious Film On Struggling Actors”

Director Iqbal Suleman has done the impossible in Bollywood. He has successfully made a film AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN with lookalikes of these three superstars. Ayyer Mohan of COMPLETE CINEMA met the genius director who has the gift of the gab to tackle themes and stories on lookalikes of the greatest actors and he is exploring more and more themes based on the lookalikes of the star actors in leading roles. Excerpts.


How did the idea of bringing the three Khans come to you ?

Till now no one has succeeded in bringing Aamir,Salman and Shahrukh Khan together in a single film. I knew that even if I bring the three lookalikes of these three greatest superstars of today, I have won the battle. I was looking out for a lead and luckily I found one day that great makers like Sajid Nadiadwala ,Farha Khan and Karan Johar were toying with the idea of signing the three Khans together in a single film. But they had only expressed their wish. Practical kuch huaa nahi. And I wondered if this dream of watching these three together will ever happen in a Bollywood film. Then Farha Khan delivered triplets and I was inspired by the Manmohan Desai formula of the lost-n-found drama of three brothers in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY. I managed to write a script which had entertainment value and was truly based on the superhit Manmohan Desai formula which has always been appreciated by the masses in a big way. Thus I made AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN with the three wellknown lookalikes Debashsih Ghosh,Raju Rahikwar and Sagar Pandey in the respective roles.

Farha Khan had once stated in a Reality Show that we all want to see the Khan triumvirate of superstars in the same frame, but we all know it is difficult and tough. Comments.

I know the biggest casting coups that can get the cash registers ringing in the cinema halls hasnt happened till now, I decided to bring the three lookalikes in my film and luckily I got the very popular distributer Dilip Dhanwani on board as he has also distributed a superhit film RAMGARH KE SHOLAY which had lookalikes of  Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan and it was a superhit. Then Dilip Dhanwani has a great sense of publicising the films he distributes and he treats the films as his own babies which will give the  desired box-office results from the cinema halls.

As the film has a  modest budget, it is a forgone conclusion that you will manage to cover the cost and also make profits from AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN ?

I have already planned to make three more films with as many as 45 lookalikes in all the films and they are also titled viz.KHOTE SIKKAY which has the story of all the  popular actors who have died and the lookalikes of these actors and stars are ruling the film industry with their own clout which will be made in a humourous manner lots of hilarious situations.Also, the scripts of the other two films  HUM HAIN KARAN ARJUN and  CHALTI HAI KYA 9 Se 12 are being written and I will launch the three films in 2017.



” I Am Thrilled To See Myself As Aamir Khan ”

After working as the lookalike of Aamir Khan in the very popular serial HUM PAANCH there is no looking back for this hugely talented actor Debashish Ghosh. He has been getting popular with every single appearance he has made on such popular shows like MTV Fully Faaltu,India Has Got Talent, BOOGIE WOOGIE and many more. Debashish says:” I hail from Assam and I have been a Kishore Kumar favourite. I sing, I dance, I act and aap kuch bhi karva lo mujhse and I am ever ready. I got the role of Aamir Khan in AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN and I am thrilled to see myself as Aamir Khan on the big screen. I feel my hard work has paid at last. Many more filmmakers are asking me to act in their films after they watched the publicities of AMIR  SHAHRUKH SALMAN and I feel my big days have come in Bollywood. I had sung in several hotels to earn a living and now all the TV channel personnells, my friends, my well  wishers and even my diehard fans are asking me about my role in AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN. A feature film has an added advantage of making actors more popular than before and I am eagerly waiting for the release of this film.”

RAJU RAHIKWAR (Shahrukh Khan)


I have come from Ballarshah, Maharashtra. I came to Mumbai in 1995 and worked as a watchman and washed the taxis to earn a living. I did lots of shows in the very popular O.P. Singh Melody Makers Shows and I became a sought-after lookalike of Shahrukh Khan. Sanjay Kakran, the director has even made a 20 minute documentary on me with the title The Living Of King Khan Shadow and I need just two hours from Shahrukh Khan, the original King Khan. I have met Shahrukh Khan several times and he knows about me and the craze I have been having for him. I am just like the Fan of Shahrukg Khan starrer FAN. But, one thing which deeply hurts me is the life of the lookalikes and how they are living without any support from the Govt., any financial institutions or even from the film industry resources. I want to make a Sansthaa which will help all the lookalikes of the great actors to come together in one platform and appeal to the Prime Minister Modi jee to help all the lookalikes with all kind of help viz. from a home ,education for their children and also a decent living under a  permenent roof. I give full credit to the director Iqbal Suleman who has made a daringly different entertainer, truly Manmohan Desai style and I have been waiting for the release of this film as I am also one of the producers of this film.”

SAGAR PANDEY (Salman Khan)


” I am one of the main heroes of Dilip Gulati’s film MAFIA BIGG BOSS and I have been getting lots of films to act. It was also Dilip Gulati who had introduced me as an actor on the big screen in GANGAPUR KI GEETA which was a big hit. I have struggled for 20 years and have been acting in many small films which was not even giving me enough money to eat. I havent got married till now just like Salman Bhai isnt interested much and I want to achieve a proper place in the film industry by my own resources and not living on the term of lookalike of Salman Khan. One day Salman Khan had told me that I must work very hard if I want to achieve my own goals and I am focussing into that area of work where I will be able to make a name for myself. I give full credit to director Iqbal Suleman who has given my a fantastic entry in this film where I sing a Ganpati number and I am really thrilled to hear that this film is getting the biggest of the cinemas due to the good efforts by wellknown distributer Dilip Dhanwani.”

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