Dr Suvi Swamy Launched Health Care Product Many Celebrities Including Union Minister Ramdas Athawale Attended

By on 8-20-2023 in Breaking News

Dr. Suvi Swamy, awarded Doctorate for Panchkosh based cancer treatment, launched a health care product at Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai. On this occasion, many celebrities from Bollywood and corporate world including Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, comedian Sunil Pal, comedian VIP came to congratulate her. Very soon Dr. Suvi Swamy is about to inaugurate Cancer Hospital, which will be officially announced soon.

Dr. Suvi Swamy’s birthday was also celebrated with great pomp on this occasion.

Through this health care of Ishwara Life Sciences, patients of many complex diseases will be treated with Ayurvedic method. The protocol prescribed by cancer specialist Dr. Suvi Swamy is discussed internationally.

Dr. Suvi Swamy, under Ishwara Life Sciences, has been treating cancer patients for many years through Panchkosh based meditation. She is a well-known cancer therapist, she was awarded the title of Doctorate of Therapy and Panchkosha Based Cancer Treatment internationally in International Conference. The protocols given by her are proving to be 99.9 percent effective in the treatment of cancer. And thus she has changed the lives of hundreds of cancer patients.

Dr. Suvi Swamy says that life is very precious and beautiful, you should live it in an atmosphere full of peace, relaxation and happiness, keep doing good deeds. Stay away from negative thinking and make positive thoughts a part of life.

Dr. Suvi Swamy believes that mantra, meditation and music are the best medium to express love towards God.

Meditation Guru Dr. Suvi Swamy tells the mantra to overcome the upheavals in people’s lives through spirituality. Through Ishwara Life Sciences, she has created a unique blend of science and spirituality. Ishwara Life Sciences (ILS) is the best source of relief from mental stress and anxiety and many types of diseases.

Dr Suvi Swamy Launched Health Care Product  Many Celebrities Including Union Minister Ramdas Athawale Attended