Mission Chandrayaan After Rocket Boys?

By on 8-04-2023 in Breaking News

After Rocket Boys, is it time for Mission Chandrayaan?

Sources say there is a movie on India’s moon mission in the works, may star Ex Mr India Lakkshey Dedha.

While we wait for ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 to land on the Moon, there is buzz that the heroic journey that was first announced by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajyapee in 1999 Independence Day is being adapted into a film.

Following the announcement, India launched its first rocket to the moon in October 2008. Chandrayaan 3, as the name suggests, is India’s third attempt at landing on the moon. The journey over the last 25 years has every everything that a big screen spectacle could demand. And ace filmmaker photographer and filmmaker Ovais Khan seems to have taken up the challenge.

“Ovais has been working silently on the film for some time and now is looking at the casting. He is looking for a combination of fresh faces and seasoned actors. He has locked on ex-Mr India Lakkshey Dedha for one of the pivotal characters,” revealed a source. Evidently the cat slipped out of the bag during an animated conversation among friends about the Chandrayaaan 3 launch. “The movie aims to showcase the remarkable journey and achievements of the lunar exploration mission, capturing the spirit of India’s scientific advancements and space exploration aspirations,” adds the source.

When we reached out to Ovais for a confirmation he was not quite forthcoming as he stated, “I really can’t talk about this right now. Whatever I am working on, it’s in premature stages and it’s a very important story,” he said. On asking if he has indeed locked on Lakkshay Dedha, Ovais replied, “Lakkshey is definitely one of the most exciting new faces in Bollywood. We have met a couple of times and I think he is really talented and I would love to work with him. But like I said, it’s extremely premature to talk about it.”

We reached out to Lakkshay too. “It would be an honour to be part of the story if I am considered. I do pray for it,” commented the actor who is being touted as the hottest new find in Bollywood, preferring to stay away from confirming anything officially.

We are told that the film would be having a major cast playing the scientists behind the moon mission. “See there are a lot of permissions that would be needed before anything can be officially disclosed. They would need go-ahead from a lot of scientists as well as politicians. It is natural that Ovais is not comfortable revealing much now,” asserted our source, while adding, “Also, they are approaching some big stars for the film. Of course, they would need big faces as this is going to be a big-budget flick.”

We are told that the production team is currently finalising the script, with extensive research being conducted to ensure accuracy and authenticity in capturing the essence of the Chandrayaan mission. The film is expected to blend factual elements with the artistry of storytelling to engage and inspire audiences worldwide.

Well, if this indeed happening, it would be one of the most exciting films coming out of Bollywood in the next couple of years.


Mission Chandrayaan After Rocket Boys?

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