New to Zumba? 5 Things to Know Before You Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey

By on 7-29-2022 in Breaking News

New to Zumba? 5 Things to Know Before You Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey

Zumba is akin to a workout party. Albeit a healthy one. It has an uncanny resemblance to a dance floor and is quickly becoming the most popular form of workout. It is an intense cardio workout that is effective in burning calories, sculpting muscles and toning your arms- all at once. And what is even more exciting is the fact that like other workouts; monotony will never turn you off. The focus lies on one solo front- burning calories while having fun!

Hydrate and nourish Remember to charge up your body for the workout. Pre and post-Zumba nutrition is an important aspect to focus on. Hydration helps avoid cramps in the legs and food keeps you energized. It contains proteins and essential nutrients that prevent muscle breakdown, keeping them strong and flexed while you dance.

Results take time

It is assumed that Zumba being a rigorous exercise regime helps you attain results faster. However, expecting a drastic result in your weight or muscle toning is unrealistic. Like every other form of workout, Zumba is also a process that requires dedication and persistence.

It is for everyone

Do you have to be good at dancing to keep up? No. Even if you have two left feet, Zumba can still be your thing. It is not about being a good dancer. Zumba moves are easy and adaptable. The class is a very inclusive space and there is no age bar or prerequisite skill required. Remember the rule of ABCD- Any Body Can Do.

Focus on comfortable clothing

Think side-to-side movements and pivots when we say Zumba. Easy to move in outfits are most crucial when it comes to this fitness form. Moreover, your clothes must be lightweight and help with excessive sweating challenges. Lastly, do not forget to pick a pair of kicks that support the moves. Dance sneakers or cross trainers are the best picks for Zumba.

Know the foods you can and cannot eat

Proper diet and nutrition top the list of any fitness program. Without that, Zumba can easily cause weakness and exhaustion during your workout. Consider the dos and don’ts of food consumption when you opt for Zumba. Go for diets rich in carbohydrates but low in fat.

Zumba is not a goal and neither is it a competition. It is more to do with enjoying the journey toward fitness. And this interesting and exhilarating fitness training can have healthy add-ons such as nutritious snacking options.

Cheers to a fitter, happier and tastier life!

Mohsin Syed is an educated person who started as a banker and now he is a licensed Zumba Instructor, Celebrity Fitness Coach & also the first Magic Mike of India.

Mohsin Syed loves to explore new things in life, and he is a fitness freak and dance graduate who has dedicated his life to it.

New to Zumba? 5 Things to Know Before You Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey