Victoria Quito from Imphal recieved SDP IAWA Iconic International Women Award from Amar Cine Productions

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Victoria Quito from Imphal recieved SDP IAWA Iconic International Women Award from Amar Cine Productions

Overcoming  unimaginable  things is nothing new for Victoria Quiyo.Not only is she a thoughtful mother and wife,she is a social activist and an entrepreneur, who has broken barriers and help foster an environment that inspires the community to cultivate and incorporate sustainable skills  and ideas.

Hailing from the hilly district of Senapati, Manipur, Victoria grew up surrounded by nature and the rich Maram Thangal culture.  As a child, she was bright eyed, adventurous and had a deep desire for learning. Her fervent love for her culture and mother nature helped her initiate “Evergreen Hand” in 2008 a local handicrafts and skill development enterprise which offers authentic Manipuri handicrafts by artisans, especially northeast women artisans. She stands by the belief that local establishments and handmade business supports the local craft industries and people.

With a strong resolute determination and passion, Victoria has devoted more than 9 years of her life towards several organisations and movements including awareness programmes on menstrual health and hygiene,distribution of menstrual pads, charity for the poor and destitute, educational programmes and initiatives to help women and children in the most disadvantaged groups in rural areas of Manipur while providing resources and sustainable ways for women to economically empower themselves to help make their goals and dreams turn into a reality.

“Jamie Kitchen” with the message, “No child should suffer from hunger” is a mission to feed the poor and hungry and share the hope that comes with God.

There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish. And Victoria is an exemplary example of it. Her determination, compassion and consistence has earned her several titles and prestigious awards,

Miss Barak (2005), 1st Runner up

Miss Barak (2005), Miss Beautiful hair

Best Female Artist Award (2005) Senapati District Level

Mrs IAWA India (2019), 1st Runner up.

Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Best Smile.

Mrs IAWA India (2019), Mrs Social Media Queen.

Queen of northeast with a golden heart(2020)( fashion lifestyle magazine)

Popular Queen of Universe (2020)

Quarantine Queen of Universe (2020)

Through all her struggles and ventures, her beliefs have been affirmed that the most important ingredients that leads to the success of women are two things, support for one another and education to realise one’s dreams.


Victoria is fighting to make this become a reality through future endeavours that she would focus on with the grace of God as she believes, “A woman who fears the lord is to be praised”.

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